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Your Bronco being a 1996 means it is OBD-II, so will have a EEC-V PCM rather than EEC-IV like mine. So there will be differences in engine controls and oxygen sensors, plus yours is probably mass air flow metering, rather than Speed-Density like my 1994. That said, this is what the 1994 EVTM shows for distribution from instrument fuse panel fuse #13, 15 amp:

From the fuse, a R/W wire runs to splice S236. From there it branches off in three directions:
To the brake pressure switch on the master cylinder, color LG/R;
To the Brake On/Off Switch (BOO Switch) at the brake pedal, color LG/R;
To the Hazard Flasher, color R/W.

Now, following down each of those three branches one at a time:

After (the other side) the brake pressure switch, a BK/Y wire runs to the Speed Control Servo/Amplifier module, where it powers/removes power from the servo clutch.

After (the other side) the BOO Switch:
A LG wire runs to splice S240, a LG wire continues on to the clutch pedal position switch (or a jumper there if auto trans), then via a T/LB wire to pin 7 of the Speed Control Servo/Amplifier Module.
Also from S240, a LG wire to pin 2 of the PCM, letting the PCM know if the brake pedal is pressed or not.
Also an LG wire to pin 35 of the 4WABS module, to tell the ABS controller that the brake is pressed.
Also from S240, a LG wire to the electronic trailer brake controller (optional) plug.
Also from S240, A LG wire to the Shift Lock Actuator in the column.
Also from S240, a DG wire to the high-mounted stop lamp.
Also from S240. a LG wire to the hazard switch.
Actually it looks like the PCM and the 4WABS module get there BOO Switched wire via a splice S121 that is downstream from S240 down one of the LG wires. They change from page to page on some.

I didn't run down through the hazard switch.

Your Bronco HAS been taken in for the recall fix with the pressure switch, right? That unplugged the plug from the brake pressure switch on the master cylinder, and inserted in series a recall-supplied small harness that has a 2 Amp in-line fuse wrapped up in it. So if the diaphragm on the pressure switch leaks internally and creates a short to ground, the 2 Amp fuse is supposed to blow, rather than brake fluid conducting and starting a nice electrical/chemical fire that consumes the vehicle.
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