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Originally Posted by Tim Hodgson View Post
True, but the thread has only drawn out a few of the big chiclet members so far.

The posts which acknowledge that the 7.3L is so reliable because it is underpowered is something I heard years ago. So it is interesting to see power vs reliability being discussed as a tradeoff.
Which is an interesting discussion.

Obviously based on my many posts on this topic (hey I'm going on vacation next week and mentally I was done with work this week what can I say) I would fall on the "what good is a more power if there is an increased chance of being stranded".

here's where I am coming from.....I tow horses for my wife and her Dressage Queen barn-mates (lovely people.....but stories for another time); there isn't a horse trailer I can't tow comfortably with my current rig, so I'm not needing more power honestly. But on the flip side, my worst case scenario is being stranded on the side of a highway in 90 degree heat and humidity with live animals in the back and screaming women in the would be like the gates of hell opened. Therefore, I don't want anymore goofy sensors other than our CPS putting me in that situation. If someone farts wrong near the fuel system in certain 6.7s it goes into limp and stop mode and you are at the mercy of a stealership jockey. Eff that.

And I'm not paying $50K+ or $600/mo+ for the privilege.

That of course is me stuck in reality and not the time back to the Tugly Delorean......Mr. Fusion just needed some beer and carrots. :-)
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