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With the Pioneer AVIC models, I can't think what gadget is not offered. As I said I'm sure other brands do the same. It's just a matter of adding the necessary components. Most functions don't require any but Sirius and traffic does for sure. The function I use the most is the micro memory card. Copy your music, video's, screen splashes or whatever. You can literally copy hundreds of songs to the card and play them easily. The hands free phone is adequate but I think that may depend a lot on your cell phone. The voice commands never really worked for me as apparently my voice is too deep. The DVD movies play well however the screen is small. And who wants to watch a movie while the parking brake is on. A quick visit to You Tube improves that issue. Not that I recommend it. Most of all, the sound from these units is what you would expect from a high end player.

Like I said, shop around. I found both of mine on Craigslist for a very reasonable price. Again just be careful who you buy it from. Many folks trade cars and have similar units installed from the factory and they usually remove and sell the units prior to trading the car. You will need to buy a harness to simplify the install. Best Buy will install it for a couple of hundred bucks if you don't want to tackle it. Don't expect to watch movies or change routes while driving down the road as they won't do that. However this model of F150 is very easy to work on. Again, You Tube has several install video's to help you. This is without a doubt the best upgrade I ever made to a vehicle. Also, Best Buy will reinstall your old radio when you sell the car for free should you decide to keep it. Enjoy.
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