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Originally Posted by maples01 View Post
I would have put the van on the truck frame, the ttb 4x4 doesn't make it sit in the clouds, I want a 4x4 van like that.

I always thought that would be a good plan, but from what I've heard, the van frame rails are wider than the truck. That's to situate the van engine lower between the rails.

So, if you put a van body on a truck frame, the truck engine would sit higher in the van engine compartment (assuming the narrower frame rails didn't cause other body mounting problems). If the engine sat higher, then it would clash with the roof of the Econoline engine compartment, wouldn't it? The Diesel Filter head, which is situated in a different spot than the truck position, already is very very close to the roof of the engine compartment as is, so there wouldn't be a lot of wiggle room for a higher elevation engine. And the location of the pulleys are different on the van.

I guess you could install taller body spacers to lift the body up high enough for the van, but doesn't the location of the engine (front-to-back) sit differently in a truck than a van? So, the doghouse wouldn't close if the engine sat any further back than it already does in a standard van? Also, doesn't the exhaust system route differently in a truck and van? I know this if a problem for sure if he had a turbo'ed IDI engine, but maybe there was similar differences in exhaust systems for the N/A engine.

I'm not even going to get into the wiring issues with swapping a diesel for a gasser and simultaneously swapping the truck body for the van body. I can't even imagine if the vacuum system from a gasser will match up with the vacuum system on a diesel, since the IDI's had mechanical pumps to control that sort of thing. I don't know enough about the vacuum system on the gasser Econolines, but I assume climate control selector valves would be a problem to resolve. I'm sure the OP isn't swapping the truck's master cylinder into the van, so will a non-diesel vacuum power assist work from a diesel mechanical vacuum pump?

I'm just speculating cuz I've never done a van-truck body swap. Maybe someone who's done it can chime in on my hypotheses.
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