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i was looking at that dually because it would be a good truck after i stole the axles.

yes it is, the junkyards are terrible, once a truck goes there, they set them on axles in mud and bent the heck out of the brakes, forklift them around they become useless and are picked apart immediately.

im really looking for that f350 351 5speed, but i haven't seen one yet, not even for 5k+

im willing to travel, i dont mind, ive searched all of the east coast, but i either get a f350 or a manual, not both.

id be fine with newer axles and running an adapter since my tires currently rub on my leave springs up front, and im not sure a lift would fix that? ive been told to put it on jacks and test my left to right turn radius but i havent gotten around to it yet.

ive even got a buddy in michigan looking for me but no luck. id think they would be an old rusted plow truck or something ya know?
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