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Originally Posted by Rusty Axlerod View Post
Happy 4th!

If tuning isn't in the plans, that opens up a lot of options. I would start with budget considerations. Some of these things like DashDaq, or the Banks IQ can cost more than a few $$. Next is, do you want something to leave in the truck most of the time. Or just check things once in a while. If it's going to live in the truck pretty much, appearance, size and mounting options are next thing to think about. It seems to me they all have some sort of trade off.

Smart phone apps like DashBoss for iPhone or Torque for Android phones work well. You can also use the software and cables with an iPad or a Android tablet if that seem like a good option for you. If you use a phone, remember you have to get the phone out, establish a Bluetooth connection, and fire up the app every time you want to monitor.

As far as accuracy, all of these devices "ask" the computer in the truck for the value of a certain sensor and report back what it is told, so all of them are as accurate as the sensors on the truck (which can goof up sometimes).

You can get a handheld scanner that supports "Live Data". Modus is a very nice unit in this category.

Software like AutoEnginuity or even Fords own IDS are available for laptop or tablet computers.

It sounds like you're thinking of the stand alone monitors that stay in the truck. To be honest the Banks IQ you mentioned before is pretty sweet. If you're not interested in tuning just skip the tuning module -it looks like an extra cost option anyway. I would like to have one of these with back-up camera capability . The ScanGauge is probably the lowest cost option in this category. It is pretty basic (no data logging or alarms) and not much to look at (see picture above) and requires putting in some codes to taylor it to your truck but it's not a huge deal.

Another important consideration is that the truck has no sensors for fuel pressure, low side (crankcase) oil pressure, or exhaust gas temp. So if you want to monitor those you'll want a device capable of supporting "add on" sensors or install stand alone gauges for any or all of those parameters.
Now we're talking! This is the most helpful post yet and I thank you. Not that you other guys weren't helpful, this one just hit the nail on the head.

Okay, so I AM indeed looking for a device that sits in eye view at ALL times. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I have AE, and I already have the Banks six-gun tuner in the truck. The guy who had the truck took the IQ out of it before it got to me. So I'd just be replacing the IQ, the EGT sensor is already there and I'm not sure about the fuel pressure sensor, it's possible. But that's what you meant when you said skip the tuning, right? Don't buy the six-gun, or whatever other tuners banks has? Well I already have it. I just won't use it. So you think the IQ is a good device for gauges? I know I have AE, but I don't want to haul my laptop around all the time. But everybody knocks Banks so bad that I'm worried that the device may suck and not have too many gauges. There's no page I can find that has all of the gauges listed. That's what I'd love to see is a list of gauges it supports. Also, they have firmware updates where I'm sure they'll be adding new gauges.

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