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Went to the dealer today and spoke to the service manager. He told me that the technician inspected the cooler lines and they were fine. He then refilled the transmission and took it for a test drive. He said that it sounded like one of those New Year's Eve noisemakers that make the clacking sound when you spin them around. At one point he stopped and put the truck in park. He could never get it back in drive. The tow truck was called to get it back to the shop. The tech is speculating that it was mechanical failure within the transmission that caused the fluid to heat up and spit out. He never opened it up to see exactly what happened but has seen more than enough trannys to know that mine is cooked. Seems like everyone in town is making this a four day weekend so my only option would be to have it towed from the Ford dealer to another shop on Monday for a second opinion. Unfortunately, I am no mechanic. I rely on this web site for all of my technical knowledge. I am starting to believe that I just caught a really bad break. Either way, an accurate trans temp gauge will be installed when I get home.
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