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Stuck in Durango-Blown Transmission

After almost two weeks towing our 7500 pound (loaded) trailer from San Diego to Yellowstone, over to South Dakota and down into Colorado- a total of 2700 miles, everything came to a screeching halt yesterday afternoon. We had made it up and over Wolf Creek Pass (over 11,00 feet) without incident and were climbing a moderate and steady grade about 25 miles east of Durango, CO (our final destination for a couple of nights) in third gear (maybe 3200-3400 RPM) when the tow/haul light started blinking. I had my wife look it up in the owners manual and she told me that we needed to service the system immediately. I took that to mean as soon as we got to Durango. Within just a couple of minutes I could smell something burning. At the first opportunity I pulled into a pull-out. The cab immediately filled with smoke. I got the wife and kids out ASAP. There was transmission fluid everywhere...except around the transmission. Most of it was around the front passenger side wheel well. I assumed it had come from one of the lines to or from the cooler but could not identify an exact location. While waiting for the tow trucks, I uncoupled the trailer and attempted to move the truck forward. That was a no go. It would shift through reverse and neutral but drive was like a stone wall. Anyhow, Good Sam arranged to tow the truck to Durango Ford and the trailer to our campground. Got the call this morning that the transmission is fried and best case scenario is getting a new one on Monday. They have quoted me $5700 out the door. I am 800 miles from home with no local resources or connections. By the way, they told me that they think the transmission overheated and blew the fluid out the vent line...I watch that worthless temp gauge like a hawk and it never got close to the yellow zone. I have never had an issue with the transmission before and the truck only has 54,000 miles on it. The transmission was serviced less than 10,000 miles ago. What happened? Am I getting a reasonably fair price? By the way, up until this point, the trip had been amazing. That sure changed in a hurry!

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