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Originally Posted by 1saxman View Post
I had an SUV that clogged frequently. I learned to disconnect the supply hose from the pump to the nozzles and blow into the nozzles with compressed air. You can usually find a plastic union at a convenient place in the firewall/cowl area. Definitely don't stick anything into the nozzles. After clearing them, you might run the pump to clear any other debris in the lines before connecting the supply. Check out the reservoir and clean it as required. I guess if you don't have air at home you could try a dust-off can with the straw attached. You can also use a Water Pik at full strength if you have one of those. Whatever you use in this method, the supply line has to be open so the air, water and debris have somewhere to go.
This is good advice ,if you DO have to clear it out , I used a single wire from a wire brush (a new one) and it didn't wallow out the spray hole .
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