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DW SD has a very good reputation on FTE.DW SD has a very good reputation on FTE.DW SD has a very good reputation on FTE.DW SD has a very good reputation on FTE.
Originally Posted by petemcl View Post
On what year/model/engine truck is this mounted. Looks like a good idea. I too wish that you had pictures for those of us that need them.

What power steering pump did you get and how did you mount it?
Hi Pete,
Around here, I guess I'm a darksider. I've got a late model Escalade engine and 6 speed auto trans. Gm calls them L92 & 6L80 I just use the OEM Delco pump. I use all of the OEM accessories, including the AC compressor.

It is worth noting the pump now has two low pressure return lines. One from the steering rack and one from the boost unit. I bought a barbed T to join the return lines feeding only the one return nipple on the pump. The manufacturers do make pumps with two return fittings, but mine was new, so I used the T.

If you don't know...Pressure comes from the pump to the brake booster. A secondary pressure line leaves the booster and feeds the steering rack. I did use a volume reducer fitting to make the pump compatible with the Ford Mustang II rack.

Let me piece together the photos I do have. You can see the booster with the lines running to it and the master cylinder behind the trans crossmember. Things are rather tight with my exhaust routing. I did that to get it up out of the way and routed around the original vacuum booster. I added a fire sleeve for the hose close to the exhaust. Bear in mind a lot of the heat is lost by 3' downstream of the manifolds. I'll hit the power steering pump reservoir with my IR gun to see the temps. If need be, I'll install a cooler in the low pressure line coming from the booster.
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