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4x4 camper van is starting off with a positive reputation.
I scour through craigslist as least once a day, and not long after buying the dana 60 pair I found a little gem.

It is a 1983 F-250 with the 6.9 IDI diesel, NP 435 tranny with a very low granny first gear, and an NP 208 behind that. It also had a dana 44 HD TTB up front which I knew nothing about at the time (I was after the motor), but I would soon. The truck body was beat to crap and had no title, no registered plates (out of state as well), and no registration. It fired up very happily and ran awesome though. After a test drive I realized that the tranny shifted into each gear very nicely, the clutch felt real good, and everything mechanical seemed to be in very good shape. Due to the lack of title I was able to bring him down and we settled on 500$.

I immediately pulled the motor/ tranny/ transfer case. Next I had to deal with getting rid of the body. Because the scrap yard will not take a vehicle without a title (for obvious reasons) I was forced to get a little bit creative on disposing of the thing. I decided having a trailer wouldn’t be such a bad thing and because it was a long bed it would make for a decent little trailer. So I pulled the cab and fenders off to slice the frame. I cut it just behind the leaf spring hangers for the front end, made pie cuts where I wanted the frame to bend in, heated the frame rails up, bent them in to the perfect center, and welded a receiver hitch and safety chain onto it. Obviously there was lots of careful cross measuring done and it turned out pretty nice for my first one.

I then sliced the rest of the truck to pieces with an oxyacetylene torch and an air hack to get it all fitted in my new trailer. I forgot my camera this day but it was quite the sight to see. Using about 10 ratchet straps, I had random sliced pieces of truck stacked damn near 10 feet tall in the trailer. Then it was off to Schnitzer’s Steel to scrap it. The new trailer tracked perfectly so I must have done something right. I got 75$ for the scrap and called it a success.
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