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4x4, diesel, camper van project: TTB, 6.9 IDI, pop-top

Hello everyone,

I havenít really posted anything yet, but Iíve been lurking around on FTE for a little while now. Iíve learned a ton from reading forums on here and you all have helped me figure many things out. This certainly seems to be the best Ford forums out there. So I guess itís time to post up my project Iíve been working on.

Well so a little bit of background on me. I am 21 years old and have an engineering mindset. Although Iíve been very into cars/ trucks as well as working on them for about 7 years, I have been playing with German sedans (had a bimmer for a while, now an Audi) and this is the first Ford or any American brand for that matter that Iíve owned. For the last 2 years I have been apprenticing/ working for an automotive restoration/ custom fabrication shop. Here Iíve learned the vast majority of what I know about building and modifying cars.

I am very open to any advice, ideas, suggestions, opinions etc. from anyone. I am new to just about all of this and although I am confident in what Iím doing, I am a firm believer that input from anybody should be heard. Bad advice can always be ignored, and you never know who might come up with a brilliant solution/ technique/ idea. So here we go:

Well it all started last July when I decided I wanted a van for camping, hiking, mtn biking, snowboarding, canoeing, fishing, and the plethora of other things I like to do outside. After researching, I quickly realized Ford was the way to go for many reasons. Craigslist here I come, but I was on a serious budget. I was after something less than 1000. I found this fine specimen very close to where I live.

A 1978 Econoline 250. It was on someoneís property who said he bought it from a meat company a while back. The thing had not been registered since 1998. He was asking 600 for it but there was a ton of rotted sections: under the mats, behind the slider door, behind the rear bumper, and the front wheel wells. The rust was overall not that bad and the rot was very present but it was nothing I couldnít deal with. On the other hand, it had the 351w with a c6 behind it and that thing ran like a champ. Drove it around his neighborhood for a while and the tranny felt good and smooth, the motor was strong as hell and didnít smoke, spudder, or anything even a bit. Plus the whole thing was insulated and more importantly had deep deep **** throughout with a crazy headliner. I was so sold, it was love at first sight. I talked him down to 400 and drove home happy (and with a buddy riding my tail so he instead of a cop could stare at my 15 years out of date plates).

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