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331 build plan questions

I am a regular on the 80-86 forum, but I have a couple of questions for the small block experts here.

I am planning a full custom 331ci build for a fuel injected engine based in the ATK 331 short block. This block has the stroker kit installed and the cam bearings as well. I plan on using a Billet Specialties serpentine kit for the front end as that includes a new front cover and water pump. I want to use Trick Flow Specialties cylinder heads. I have found an OBDII compatible EFI kit that gives the engine an old school look, mainly by using a carb-style throttle body and round air cleaner.

My goal is to hit 400ft-lbs of torque between 3000 and 4000 RPM. My question are what size chambers and valves do I need to get on my heads to reach this number? And what camshaft and timing set will bring out the torque this low? TFS offers a top end kit that should get me to 400, but at 4500 rpm. I would like the peak point moved down in the rpm band. I want to avoid having to spin past 5500.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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