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i did alot of trouble shooting over the last week but to no taking the turbo off so i can inspect it and the uppipes up close im just having issues with it not spooling and giving boost till way past its norm another guy in town also has a stalk( no mods 95 and it has alot more miles on it and it has boost where it should where this truck it does not, but it did last time he drove it down here (3 weeks ago) its a pain to do but im gonna do it so i know how to when he gets ready to upgrade it. i was just trying to see if anyone else has had this problem I.E. no smoke(black or white) idles fine but when u get on it the boost doesn't kick in till past 3K RPM's i can hear the whistle from the turbo its just not spooling boost like it should ... . i checked the wheel and it seems fine i can feel the splines and none feel chiped or missing (thank god :P) so as soon as i get the turbo off and look at everything ill chime back in thanks for the ideas so far tho
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