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F-750 front axle (size/dive option)?


is it true, that ford now offers the F-650 and F-750 with a driven front axle? Or is it still necessary to remove the stock axle for a driven one?

In either case, is the driven front axle (series, or the seemingly usually military replacement) the same width than the rear?

In case of the F-350-550, the raer axles was typically a bit wieder because of the dual-wheels, is it the same with the bigger trucks?

So if you switched to single rear like the military or earthromer did, would that effect the general width of the truck?

The stock version is 96.4 in width, would be quite handy if this could be reduced a little by switching to single rear wheels and a driven front alxe. (of course with offroad tires you might end up at 96 or above anyway)

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