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SARDiverDan has a very good reputation on FTE.SARDiverDan has a very good reputation on FTE.SARDiverDan has a very good reputation on FTE.SARDiverDan has a very good reputation on FTE.
I pack according to where I am going and how far off the main highway I might find myself. About the only long drive I do anymore is southern California to Wyoming to see the parents or southern California to Washington State. As they are both main highway drives all the way, I don't take some of the things you do but then again, it also depends on the time of year.

1. I carry a set of HPOP lines in case one of them decides to rupture. While I change them out at certain intervals, I keep the latest changed ones as spares until I change them again.

2. I don't use emergency triangles but I do have a set of flares.

3. Don't forget a small but complete first aid kit so you can repair yourself

4. I carry one 12 ton jack stand that I use as soon as the truck is lifted as I don't like big rigs flying past and the whole truck shifts about like its going to fall.

5. I use an OEM fuel filter cap but I just hand tighten it so I don't carry a wrench for it. In a pinch I could use by oil filter wrench if I have issues.

6. I don't carry extra wiper blades. I put a new set on every fall as the desert heat out here kills them every year so I just go with whats on the truck.

7. While I also carry a CPS, I actually keep 3 of them on the truck in case I run into someone who needs one.

Other than that I carry similar stuff as you.
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