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DJM1204 said it really what you want....

I have gone over this back and forth a million times.....I really like the 6.7 but it makes zero sense to own one for my purposes and I really love my 6.2 and I am not so unhappy with it to sell or trade and take a hit for a 6.7 plus buying a 6.7 and forking out that almost $9k price tag for an engine I don't need is a waste for me.....I got 2 other cars in the garage that could benefit from that money.

If you try to rationalize a 6.7 for mpg for your uses.....well you are wasting your time. By the time you add the initial cost, maintenance and higher fuel cost, you would have to drive that thing a long time to just break even!

I have done the math....the difference between a 6.2 and a 6.7 is about $.03-.05cents per mile. and that does not factor in the initial hit.

With all that said buy a 6.7 if you want...they are bad ***
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