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BAD diesel mechanics!!!

Not all of us have the time or space to repair our own vehicle. This site has been invaluable in troubleshooting problems.

BAD Mechanics are probably the biggest deterrent for many 6.0 owners....IMO.

Those BAD mechanics will through parts at a problem without properly testing for the real cause. In my case the shop here in Toronto that is known for diesel repair both large and small diesel repair tried to take unfair advantage of the situation. All of the classic bad garage practices. I asked for an estimate and they failed to give me one. The wanted to do a diagnostic....i ask for another estimate....nothing!! in the 2 hours after truck was dropped off they have it all apart and were replacing parts....HPOP...ICP.....IPR.....all without approvals. $3100 repair.

PAID!! which pissed me off....Picked the truck up.....drove 2 miles. Filled the tank....wouldnt start! Got the truck back to the shop. It started after a couple of hours. I ask for an estimate and i want to know what they propose to do. No estimate.....i drop by and its torn apart again!! They are or have replaced all of the Orings in the high pressure manifolds and the for the injectors! The truck works again!!'s your bill for another $3200.....needless to say we're heading to court.

Beware of BAD mechanics. Know your rights. Get it in writing. This site is awesome for trouble shooting issues and knowing what to ask and check for. Thanks for all of the help!!
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