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Originally Posted by 46yblock View Post
As you suspect, if it cant be turned manually, the starter shouldnt be used.

I have heard and read of accounts where guys did an initial upper cylinder lube, and then went out each day, manually trying to turn over the engine. One way, then the other, gaining a slight amount of movement each day, finally to break it free.

Personally, I think it is most of the time a waste of time. The times I have done it was with engines out of vehicle. The crank had to be turned to get the engine disassembled, and the cylinders were always a mess. Just take the intake and heads off and see what the problem is. Could very well be a broken head(s) which leaked coolant into cylinders, to sit and rust for years. Or if the engine sat exposed without hood or air cleaner, same deal. Or all could be ok. Then it is an opportunity to clean up rocker and chambers, install gaskets, and see what happens.

One home brew for a WD-40 type lube is 50% ATF and 50% Acetone. I've tried it a couple times on various things and still dont have an opinion on effectiveness. One thing for sure, it has to be shaken immediately before use because the concoction separates very quickly.
I am soaking the cylinders now with that "brew" as well as marvel and PB Blaster. I am trying to eliminate taking apart the engine too far.... I don't know too much about the inner workings other than the basics, valves and pistons and crank. It may be a little above my ability. If this doesn't work, Ill have to dig in deeper. Thank you for the information! I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by tomfiii View Post
Did you have any rust on plugs? You can try and use a pry bar on flywheel and see if you can get the motor to move in either direction even if a little,and if it moves just move it back and forth.
I did have rust on 1 of the plugs, but the other 7 looks like new. Sooo, my guess is that the cylinder with its exhaust valve open is the one that has some rust in it. Where do I pry off of? I tried a breaker bar with an extension on the nut on the flywheel, but it didn't move.
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