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T diesel has a good reputation on FTE.T diesel has a good reputation on FTE.T diesel has a good reputation on FTE.
Originally Posted by Boondox81 View Post
Agree that for the most part it's quiet around here regarding major technical problems. I'm approaching 1 year with my 6.2 and other than regular oil changes all has been good, except the one "cel" issue which was a bad O2 sensor.

I'm still torn on the 6.2 vs 6.7. At times I wish I had the 6.7 for its raw torque and power but when I crunch the numbers I can't justify it. I've put 18,500 miles on my truck and never reset the "A" trip meter and it shows 12.1 mpg or roughly 1,530 gallons at an avg of $3.50 (guessing) which equals $5,351 in gas. I choose to change oil every 5k miles so that's 3.7 oil changes @ $30 for a total cost of $5,462.

Assuming I had the same truck with the 6.7 and same 18,500 miles and an estimated 16 mpg avg. that would equal 1,156 gallons of diesel @ $3.90 (guessing) or $4,510. I would still choose to change oil at 5k intervals so 3.7 oil changes @ $125 equals $462 for a total cost of $4,972. I would have saved $490 with the diesel in cost of operation. $7000 option to get the same truck with the 6.7 it would take 14 years to pay for itself.

For my needs the 6.2 serves me well. Those 18k miles consist of mostly a mix of hwy and city driving and 3k miles pulling a medium sized gooseneck aluminum horse trailer. If I pulled the trailer more that's when I'd rather have the 6.7.
Tack on fuel filters and def. I would also add cetane booster as well.
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