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Originally Posted by rjrandy96 View Post
So i have been running 50/50 wmo and diesel i settle the wmo for 2 months.andonly use the top off my fuel filter light came on and ir stalled i replaced the filter primedit same thing happened ina day sense i instaled an inlone filter i bypasses my fuel water seperater filter with a 3 way surged alot now runs like totally **** and by tht i mean surges misses and stalls Idk anymore

Can I nominate this for "Most Unintelligible Post of 2014?"

If I may, can I attempt to translate this into something useful?

So I have been running 50/50 WMO and Diesel in my 7.3 IDI engine. I settle the WMO for 2 months and only skim off the top. After driving X number of miles, my Fuel Filter Light came on and my engine stalled. I replaced the filter and primed the fuel system. Ran fine for a day, but then the same dysfunction occurred. Since then, I have installed an inline filter bypassing the stock Fuel Water Separator and Filter with a threeway valve. Now the truck surges a lot and runs poorly. By poorly, I mean the truck surges, the engine misfires, and stalls when not applying the accelerator. I don't know what to do anymore.

Does that pretty much sum up your situation? If not, please clarify, and please use punctuation, grammar, and spell-check.

First things that come to mind:
Do you filter your WMO? if yes, to what micron? If no, you probably messed up your fuel system.

Surging could be a lot of things. You could have a coincidence where your got some air intrusion in your fuel system and it has nothing to do with your WMO. However, if you are running unfiltered WMO, you might have clogged your fuel lines with gunk. It might run moderately or cruddy if the fuel hose restrictions are limiting the flow of fuel.

You might want to check your fuel pump too. Are you getting fuel flowing when you crack an injector line? You can also run a temporary line to a Diesel can to rule out a problem in the fuel lines leading up to the fuel pump.

You should research WMO before running a blend. It has a much thicker viscosity than Diesel, and this can adversely affect your filter system and fuel pump.

Are you still running WMO? You might want to pull your tank, clean it, put in some clean brand new diesel, and then see if that helps. I doubt this will help, since I think you have infected your tank, fuel lines, fuel filters, and other fuel system components with WMO gunk.

As for any alternative fuel, you might want to install separate tanks, separate filters, separate fuel pumps, and whatnot, so that you can isolate these types of problems. Pouring WMO or WVO into a standard fuel tank risks your whole truck. If you got money and time to burn, then do whatever you want, but if you want a truck that will reliably run on alt fuels, you need to prepare before just jumping in.
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