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Originally Posted by troverman View Post
I'd be surprised to learn if Ford programmed this sluggish response. It is unsafe from the standpoint that a driver becomes accustomed to the normal response of his/her vehicle. If I make a judgement to pull out into traffic because I am confident I can get out of the way, and then my truck does not perform the way it otherwise consistently does, I could end up in a serious accident. Yeah, these trucks are built for commercial duty, but lets not fool ourselves - thousands of people are driving these as personal vehicles.

I'm not just going to label drivers of commercial vehicles as knuckleheads who don't care about the way they drive a vehicle - tons of people drive their own cars into the ground, too. The manufacturers realize this. All my other vehicles respond normally in very cold weather, and don't seem to be too much worse for the wear as a result.

Then your only option is to take to dealer and have them hook up the CPU to see if your truck is up to spec. As far as safe, I came from a EB that would shut down on you in the rain/humid conditions leaving you w/o power and a truck that bucked like all the plugs fouled and FORD doesn't have a fix for that. Have dealer check it out maybe there is a issue they can correct with a reprogram. Seems today that our trucks are computer fixes not part fixes..
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