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Originally Posted by mfountain View Post
When started cold, my truck refuses to accelerate normally no matter how much throttle I give it. There's no miss or roughness at all. It just doesn't respond to additional throttle input. When it does this, it takes about a quarter mile to reach 45 - 50 mph. By the time I reach a stop sign about a mile from my driveway it will accelerate fine. It did it again this morning when it was about 10 degrees out.

Luckily for me, I live in the country and when I leave work the truck is starting to warm up by the time I reach a main highway.

BTW,,,,I traded my 2003 7.3 F250 XLT SWB EXT in on this truck in December 13 and have haven't looked back.

2011 F350 XLT EXT CAB SWB 4X4, 6.2L, 3.73
Maybe this cold start acceleration was programmed on purpose, we forget that these trucks were built for construction/fleet use. They know many of these trucks get driven by knuckleheads who don't give a rip about the truck warming up because its not there truck. To make these truck engines last they set a throttle response low to prevent any damage until hotter operating temps are achieved, either thru fluids/tranny. Then truck frees up. I haven't had any issues but I also let my truck thru remote start warm up to a minimum 50 degrees tranny temp before pulling out, by then the fluid engine temp is also up..So maybe just give truck time to warm up. Curious to see if these issues disappear in summer when trucks block/tranny hold temps overnight..
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