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#2 in most of the USA is about 47 cetaine there are several types of mineral oil, mineral oil is way more refined than diesel, so some types are edible, and used as a laxative, or sun tan lotion and some are used as coolant, or lubricant in the food service industry, and is a major component of hydraulic fluid. warning, some hydraulic fluids are made fire resistant, and will not burn well at all. you can try a burn test. I prefer to use #1 to cut my oil with, but is costly, RUG will thin the oil's viscosity some, that's why I try to get 0-20 WT or ATF, I use a double dose of 911 or similar fuel additive to make me feel better, and have a drain to remove free water that may drop out of the mix. (from collecting from rain wetted barrels) and filter to 10 microns when dispensed, IMO that most any motor, conventional oil, or synthetic could be burned in the summer up to 70%, my source my have dried up.
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