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engine rebuild with minor upgrade suggestions?

I have a 2000 f150 with180,000 and a 2valve triton 5.4l engine. I want to have it rebuilt it blew the head gasket and I have coolant in the oil. I want to rebuild it with a little more power but mostly i want reliability! I have a guy that sais he can rebuild it with flat top pistons for a little more compression, not much to notice but there. Then we are doing a mild cams and lifters upgrade but not to much we didnt want to mess with the programing, and we wanted to upgrade the bearings for better wear and reliability. He is doing the job with upgrades and 2year unlimited mile for less than $1600. Are there any other suggestions from you out there on upgrades. And are these current upgrades that i plan on doing good? Remember im more for reliability. power is good too but to much can cause other problems so reliability. Ps he said he could do a stock rebuild for $1200
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