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Thx Wallz and berry 1234 for both your replies.... well... it's a long winded one...

scenario point form as follows + some elongated wind formed reply hahah:


1. hubby took truck into Universal Ford Lincoln (only taken there from recommendation from folk on the forum!!)....

2. In a nutshell... ford inspected the vehicle, found that the wiring loom was damaged with some under body frame damage. We were cognisant at time of purchase (based on car proof report) that vehicle had been stolen (from BC) but advised no damage as per car proof report (which we think is bollocks anyways now)... upon closer inspection by Ford, advised NOT the case!!

3. Fuel tank was dropped to further investigate and found very damaged wiring harness that in a nut shell had a less than back yarder job done to tape it back together (and I mean literally tape)... even I saw it and it was appalling... but didn't need to have fuel tank dropped to see that!!!

4. Whilst engine was hooked up for diagnosis... just to do that basic troubleshooting cost in the vacinity of $ rectification ... just troubleshooting on Fords part... !! I think we got shafted.

5. My husbands opinion of Ford... not alot as they should have seen the issue with the wiring without having taken out the petrol tank so we think we got shafted by them or had an inexperienced mechanic or just their philosophy of doing work that wasn't required.... either way... idiots... we won't ever be going back there again... they took us for a ride.... my husband built his engine (small block 400 in his FJ40 which the entire vehicle is in a container somewhere hitting the shores of canada soon) from the ground up and he is not inept... perhaps he should set those idiots right at universal ford... he has sworn to never go to them again!...

My husband is pretty good with character... and he just felt that they were the sort of people to rip you off, after the fact upon reflection! ... after the fact... and the rapport he had with the indepedent mechanic from the dealer we bought the car from was the opposite...that just says something!

CAR DEALER (+ ramblings LOL)

1. Once hubby had the service / mechanical / independent report from Ford... he then approached the dealership that we had purchased the vehicle from. We paid a little under 22K for this cash... so hubby was quite peeved to say the least... and rightly he bought this for me and our 5 munchikins to do the school/kindy/playgroup/church and what ever else run etc...

The dealership was surprised at the findings as they use an independent party to certify all their vehicles... however... we left it with them for the day (today) so they could run their own tests and that of engine compression (engine compression failed from ford)...

Engine compression was found to be more than adequate (65%) and the wiring harness was all repaired, properly that is... each wire was individually traced back, and joined together and sealed appropriately. We have pictures and video of all of the work done too... that in itself says something about the mechanic.

We at this point in time have no further issues as far as errors cropping up on the dash. We have assurances from the dealer that if any crop up they will fix them.

The only thing we need resolved is the DVD but that is secondary...

They are cognisant that if anything crops up we will be lodging a complaint against amvic with them...

Hubby was more than happy with the work done to wiring harness and is happy that the dealership spent the time & money in rectifying these only diagnosed and dealer fixed... so we won't be taking this one back to Universal Ford Lincoln any time soon, or ever! we got ripped off by universal and I personally am quite disgusted by that.

However... the same argument can be said for the dealers independent mechanic... however... we were told that the vehicle arrived at the 'lot' after the mechanical report and all was ok... so whether something went askew between that and reaching the actual dealer who knows... questionable...

The managing mechanic as he told us worked with them (universal) for quite some time and was quite disgusted that they charged us so much money for them to have not actually fix anything...

I know personally back home on my landrover... $600 would have got alot done and that's not even factoring in the diagnosis as that was all free (that's how most things work in AU)... so again re-iterate will NOT be going back to universal ford lincoln as their prices are simply too exhorbitant... and certainly question their work ethic.. & we felt got shafted by them.

On another note, I researched through the forum (thanks to Wallz providing some info) in obtaining the code for the door lock pad... when hubby enquired with Ford as to whether they could get that information at the same time given the system was hooked up to their diagnostic system already... we were told that was a different system... even I know that is a load of crap... so many thanks to the folk who posted about obtaining the code ... we may be new to the country but seriously we are not stoopid!

Live and learn I know... hubby is more than happy to take his FJ40 to the mechanic that repaired and resolved our expy issues... he will be sitting in the waiting room though (as if he will let any one run his small block FJ40 for a test LOL!)...if hubby is happy with the mechanicability of the expy and he feels that it is more than adequate as my run about with the kids, I am equally happy too...

If you are in Calgary and would like to know the mechanic we used, please PM me (I am assuming I have this functionality as I am new to the forum)

Eitherway, all sorted I hope.... I have arriving from Australia some window sox... not yet sure how they will hold up to the snow... but awesome eitherway. I had them on my landrover back home and swear by them.... just google them if you are wondering what the hec I am on about...


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