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Originally Posted by speedwrench72 View Post
Veg and additives are said to polarize (turn to plastic) in some ratios but what ratio? have a buddy that lives in northern Montana runs stock fuel tanks, home made fuel line heater, including the tank (hot coolant and copper tubing) stock tank switch, and factory filter head with added heat. starts on diesel switches at the end of his driveway to veg 10+ years, switch's back to diesel five miles from home, parks in a heated garage manual trans has forgot to switch a few times, over the years, plugs it in and ethers it. he can turn off the extra heat and run all #2 on long trips, 1990 7.3 f350 4x4
I think you mean "polymerize."

Yeah, you can always find someone who is running WVO with copper and mild steel components for X number of years, but that is rare. The best thing to do is use aluminum components and fuel lines, and make sure you have a separate fuel pump and fuel filter for your veg system. And blends are a waste of time, money, and provide no real benefit. As one of the previous posts stated, if you fridge it, that'll tell you if the blend is not worth it.
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