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Originally Posted by speedwrench72 View Post
I have mixed 60% virgin motor oil, and or ATF with #2 and 5% RUG with out a problem, in a stock fuel system, to 32* but no colder went back to pure #2 for the winter. the IdI will run on mineral oil,(Suntan lotion) in a pinch.
i got in trouble a few days ago trying to start on 75% WMO 25% #2 when the temp dropped to about 25. wore the batteries down and couldn't quite get it to come to life before work. got it to life that evening with fully charged batteries and a temp around 35, switched the mix to about 50/50 and all is well again, cold starts are only a few seconds of cranking, and i can switch to the 75% tank for all but startups and shutdowns. these darn things will run on just about anything, and i'm loving it!
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