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Originally Posted by Amelio View Post
Omg what I going on with your rig? 6mpg does not sound anywhere close to right with a 7k trailer unless you drive everywhere with your foot to the floor??????

I have not towed my new 28' trailer but my old one with my car and tools was probable close to 6k and my truck would do 12.5 on the hwy

My truck has 15k miles now and I average roughly 13mpg city driving. On the hwy at 65mph it will do 15-16 and sometimes bump 17 if its flat this is empty of course.

I am not at all worried about longevity with this engine. The 6.2 has already proven to be good past 100k miles with little to no problems.

With my new trailer I hope to get at least 10mpg ..... The trailer should come in close to 9k loaded. But then again it's only 100 mile trips to the race track so it's not that big of a deal if it doesn't.

I am curious to what my city driving mpg goes to with the 2.5" lift and 35's I plan to put on.
Umm I think you may want to re read what I posted .. It wasn't anything about mpg ,or towing ..
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