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Originally Posted by 83capril View Post
Joshofalltrades.... if you worry about small metal shavings collecting on the fuel shutoff solenoid couldn't just be cleaned every so often? Like during an oil change? They don't look that hard to pull off, unless I'm looking at the wrong thing.
No, pulling the cover off is easy, if slightly messy.

Y'know I'm wondering, though... If the problem is FSS generating magnetism and sticking metal shavings... why not just remove it?
With the FSS entirely removed, the engine will run. Just not shut off. You could kill the engine by pushing the throttle lever past low-idle, though. Which pretty much means making a latching/adjustable low-idle plate instead of the screw, something operated by cable. Move your stop out of the way to kill the engine, move it such that it pushes the throttle back to idle to have your idle.
Could probably do it with a solenoid or two like the high idle one, but it would need a longer throw distance.
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