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Wow that sounds like a lot of work and expensive chemicals to make fuel. I use 10% diesel to thin it out so it will settle faster and thin out all the fats. Kerosine works better but its expensive around here. Since you have an idi why don't you do all the work up front and install a wvo fuel system in your tuck and just run straight wvo.

My wvo source has a lot of lard and animal fats in it so I heat it before filtering that way it goes through the filters and ends up in the truck and out the exhaust. I don't worry about getting the fats out just filtering it and thinning it out a little. You won't smell fries behind me just buffalo wings.

The system on my truck has 50gal tank in bed that's not heated. Heated line in a line from tank to pump. Separate filter before it goes through a 26 plate heat exchanger just to make sure its hot and then into the injection pump.

I've been running wvo for 3 years now. I burn through 30-50 gallons of the stuff a week.
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