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Angry Killing me - any help appreciated!

Hi there - first post.

2007 Ford Expedition 5.4L 3V with 92,000 miles on it. Ran like a champ until last night, while on freeway, in cruise, the engine bogs as if it had run out of gas (tank is over 3/4 full), then snaps back, then does it again, I pull over, engine dies. Will sometimes start from then, and will idle fitfully, then die. Sometimes will start and allow rev's to 3000 in park, but any attempt to drive vehicle results in stall.

OBD-II tester shows NO codes.

Fuel pressure tested at Schrader valve shows 60-70 psi regardless of revs (when it decides to run). Holds pressure with no problems.

I replaced the TPS (common things being common) with no change in behavior. Throttle body had very limited deposits and the throttle plate moved through its rotation without binding.

I looked for the FPDM, but could not find it in the left rear area, and all indications are that it is in with the fuel pump.

It feels like there is limited or intermittent fuel flow, but that seems highly unlikely given the adequate fuel pressure.

I could also be convinced there was a problem with the electronic throttle control, but it seems like that would throw a code. I feel a little foolish for replacing the TPS without getting a code, but it seemed easy.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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