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2010 5.4 valve train noise.

I have a 2010 F250 with 154000km (96000 miles) but with about 8900hrs on the engine. We bought it last week, the people we bought it from discounted it three grand because of a loud clicking from the engine compartment and said they will help us out if it costs more then that to repair it. They seem like very good people and were completely honest about it although they didn't mention the engine noise in the ad.

Anyhow the noise seems to be coming from the right rear bank, it sounds like a bad lifter causing a loose push rod rocker noise on older engines. When the engine is cold it is allot quieter but there is a distinct rattling through the whole right bank (at least more pronounced then the left side). As the engine warms the noise becomes more of a loose lifter sound and seems very distinct on one valve in particular. The noise is there regardless of engine speed and load from what I can tell.
The oil was new when we bought the truck, I've put about a thousand kilometers on it now, day before yesterday I added some EOS (engine oil supplement as recommended by the local Ford parts guy ) from the local GM dealer. I can't say it's made any difference but for eight bucks why not .
This was a work truck and I think it spent allot of time idling, it shouldn't have more then three to four thousand hours on the engine. I don't idle my engines at all, they only run if I'm moving or boosting. The truck I retired has 500,000km (310,000 miles) with only oil, spark plugs and filter changes (only two starters in that period also for those of you who think starting your engines all the time is hard on starters...).
I've been reading about camshaft phasers failing all over the internet but that seems to be on pre '08 engines and the noises go away at over 1200rpm and the noises are more from the front of the engine. I also called Livernois Motorsports about maybe purchasing phaser lockouts but they also say they don't think it's the phaser.
I see these engines have whats called hydraulic adjusters for the valve train, I'm thinking they work on the same principal as hydraulic lifters, anybody have experience with these failing?
I also read that using none Motorcraft filters can cause this because of poor drainback valves and filter medium coming loose and plugging ports, what do you experts think? Apparently the right rear of the engine is the last place to get oil so any port plugging or low oil pressures would cause damage there first...

Thanks for any advise and input.
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