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Originally Posted by 72Formula View Post
Hi all,

I'm an electrical engineer and really want to hack the 2009-2013 unit in my truck for an after work project. I've been searching on this forum for a while and it seems like the majority say it is a nightmare or cant be done. I've been pulling wiring diagrams and nav unit pinouts and comparing the different years and I'm not really seeing the big deal so far. This is a project I want to tackle and I figured I'd start here. I was wondering if anyone has successfully done this, but I just haven't stumbled upon the post yet. My goal isnt to replace every existing module and swap it out with what I have, but re-purpose the old stuff and make this work. I anticipate making custom harnesses or maybe have a microcontroller running CAN commands like I saw one guy doing on here.

Anyway, I'm going to pick up a 2013 unit off ebay and start by getting it running on my bench unless somebody convinces me this is a lost cause.

Please post a tutorial video of all your progress,..
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