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Interesting WVO/Biodiesel recipe

I was talking to this old guy, who apparently has been using his home-brewed biofuel in his truck(a early PSD Ford) most of the 1.6 million miles he had it. He says this stuff works good(easrier on things than ULSD, and a lot simpler to make than the usual methanol biodiesel), but before I make some myself, I'd like to see what you guys think.

Here's his recipe:
1. 5 gallons of WVO
2. 1 quart of Gasoline
3. 3 quarts of Diesel(ULSD)
4. 1/2 oz of Mineral Spirits
5. 1/2 oz of Naptha
6. 1 cup of SlickDiesel(white bottle stuff), especially in the winter, though this can be replaced by a bit more gasoline instead, in some variants.

He says mix it all together, then let it settle out. It'll settle out in just a few hours, and you can just pull the biodiesel right off the top, filter it, and go.

He says that the bit of mineral spirits, naptha, and gasoline produce some sort of catalytic reaction, which binds the glycerin and helps to make it settle out.

Now, I've seen others who have had good luck just mixing WVO and gasoline to the same specific gravity as diesel, but that is usually a bit higher proportion.

Any thoughts?
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