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Hey Guys really need your help .Starting problem

Hey Guys its been a while since i've posted on these boards . For the last few months my truck hasnt started . it got put on the back burner between working and after work going out into the fields to harvest, and now the truck has been demoted as a dd to a truck i want to start fixing up.

96 5.0L

So anyways the problem i am having is the truck just makes one click at the starter and wont even try to turn over . Ive put on two starters . and along with the other starter they all do the click .this last starter has given me the strongest click of any. Know correct me if im wrong but by jumping the solenoid on the fender wall it should theoretically try and turn the truck over , but its not it just doesnt the one click and wont do anything else.

Any ideas?

also i put a socket and strong arm on and am able to turn the engine over so i know its not seized.

and of course heres a few pictures so that you guys know why i want the truck up and running.

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