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Originally Posted by fmc400 View Post
By the way, I just finished an Edelbrock this weekend and haven't installed it on the truck yet. If you get at me in the next couple days, I can take a couple close-up pictures of the choke linkage if that helps.
I can rotate the cap and it is engaged on the spring and rotates the choke cap. But ONLY when the "lever" on the throttle side is flipped into the "up" position by hand.

If this lever is not "up" or "set" -- rotating the choke cap does nothing. It is like there is no tension on the choke plate.

With the lever in the "up/set" position, as soon as the throttle is touched, the lever flips back down and the choke is unengaged again.

Since it's warm, it's not even the choke that I'm all that concerned about except that I can see that as the choke opens, there is also a mechanism that backs off the fast idle. Since I can't get the choke to stay "set" I also can't get this fast idle mechanism to work correctly as it is all related and works together as a system.
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