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Furian has a great reputation on FTE.Furian has a great reputation on FTE.Furian has a great reputation on FTE.Furian has a great reputation on FTE.
Originally Posted by Crazy001 View Post
Thanks Andrew!

That makes sense, but I would be concerned that an irritated homeowner would call the cops. Matt's F350(i eat hybrids) was straight piped and loud enough to cause hearing damage, and there were more than a few pissed off people that lived along that road. Placing cones would make it look too much like an illicit race track(which it was) and could get us in trouble.

You could take a rattle-can of orange paint and make dots on the edge of the road... the passenger could indicate when you reach those waypoints.

Honestly, I'd rather see a 5.0L EB engine. The EB treatment for the 3.5L engine makes 22% more horsepower and 60% more torque than the N/A model they put in the Edge. Using those same numbers, a 5.0L EB should be capable of 445 HP and 608 ft-lbs of torque. Of course we couldn't count on identical gains, but such an engine would most likely make the 6.7L PSD seem unattractive to all but the heaviest duty commercial haulers.
I bet there is an internal war going on at FMC on this very issue... I agree that a Ecoboost with those HP/TQ ratings would quickly replace the 6.7L diesel engine as the preferred engine.
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