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I couldn't agree more about the OEM mirrors being outstanding. Unfortunately, the price setting monkeys must have hit the wrong keys the day they set the asking prices . I still would have sourced a pair of the 08+ OEM if not for finding these from 1AAuto. They're still not 'quite' that nice, but 9-outa-10 for less than half the price is worth considering, purely IMO.

Here are some pictures I took last night.

Um, got dust?

Notice the slight gap where the mirror moldings meet when looking from above. Right where the square "slider" meets the mirror housing. That part is about the only thing I notice as a potential problem down the road.

You get two set of caps, one chrome and one paint-to-match/black. I thought the plastic chrome looked kinda substandard, but I also don't like the OEM chrome end caps. To each his/her own, but these mirrors function GREAT and they plug and play out of the box. Been great for just short of a year now.

Hopes this helps.


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