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MoJoWales is starting off with a positive reputation.
I put these mirrors on my 05. Great functionality, good fit and finish. Only spot I notice being a bit off is where the moldings meet around the two places the mirrors pivot, not really a gap, not really perfectly aligned, if that makes any sense. I think I asked an 1AAuto rep (Tony?) about replacement lenses for the marker lights and they said they were non-replaceable (none for sale), but I would think you could dissemble to the point of removing them, very carefully that is.
I actually bought them FOR the clear marker light cover. When the lights are on, all you see is the yellow anyway. The blinker light is very noticeable for other drivers too.
They were true plug and play if you have the square connectors, and I think they included round to square adapters if not. Most other upgrades needed a mod to have the adjustments work properly.
Been holding up fine for the year I've had them. For the money I couldn't find anything else that even came close to these.

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