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Originally Posted by backwoods72 View Post
ok newby here, and maybe this came up some time ago, i have not looked back too far, but has anyone done this conversion, i have a 1978 F250 crew cab w/ 460 C6 auto trans, wondering what is all envolved in the conversion to a 12V cummins, i live in alaska so i know the cost will be more then you fellas in the lower paid to have this done , but just wondering.
Is your truck a 2 wheel drive? If so I have heard there is a problem with oil pan and steering linkage. You may be able to find a pan that won't get in the way.

If you have a 4X4, you have to cut about half of the front cross member out and box it back in. You will have to fab your own motor mounts, transmission mount, lengthen front and shorten rear drive lines.... Don't get me started.

If you can fab/weld/visualize, and look on line at others pictures and description of how they did their swap, it is not that hard, and at least for me a good diversion from the job that puts food on the table.
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