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It will work. I think. I'm pretty sure that I've seem them on motors before. Personally, I wouldn't do it.

I ran a 2000 in a dunebuggy for years. It had a 2bbl Autolite on it. The carb was originally on 390 v8. It was the big one...the throttle plates were the size of half-dollars. IT increased the bottom end and gve me 7,000 rpm. Man, that thing would run.

BTW, totally stock.

I put the same carb on a 1752cc Honda Prelude motor and it had a busted power valve and a boggy bottom end (it could have been the power-valve). But, I then put on an Autolite off'N a 302. It had throttle plates about the size of a quarter. It lugged and screamed both...although it didn't lug as well as the Pinto motor did.

Both motors were stock...except for the smog controls (not needed in the dunes). The Pinto had headers and the Honda had the stock manifold and about 3' of exhaust, w/a home built chamber muffler (the name/type escapes me). I built it myself as I wanted it to be 2" thick (I got tired of having to let off the gas to talk when going down the beach, or up a hill).

In the mini-stock races...the 500 Holley type carbs pretty much rule. You can do better, but a $25 junk yard carb will run w/anything out there.
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