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'59 Ford C-600

I ran into an old ford cabover sitting in the weeds a few months ago and noticed it had nearly new front tires. I asked how much the owner wanted for the tires and he said $500 for the tires, $550 for the truck.

Needless to say, I bought the old jalopy.

I looked over everything and found that the original Y-block had been replaced with a 360 FE. The brakes worked and the motor ran so after a jump-start I drove the old beast home.

The first thing I noticed is the shifter was REALLY loose. When in gear the shifter could move in all directions at least 5 inches. That will have to be fixed. I also noticed that it pulls hard to the right. Upon closer examination I found that the right tire is further aft than the left tire by about 3/4-inch. Not sure how I'm going to resolve that.

The two-speed shift motor was froze up so i tore it down and cleaned the gunked-up lower bearing which made it shift like new.

It came without a bed so I've been looking around for a flatbed to throw on the old thing. In the interim, however, my dad and I welded up a gooseneck hitch so we can at least haul cattle and horses with the thing.

We decided to do some motor work so i got a used set of heads that had a valve job done and I massaged the heads with my Dremel to make the old combustion chamber design a little more efficient.

This pic shows our progress thus far:

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