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A supercharged 6.2L? That would be awesome! The instant availability of boost power whenever you need it but normal (or better) mpg numbers provided you keep your foot out of it.......what a deal.

I say this because I just recently became an owner of a 2010 GT500, and the power available throughout the rpm range is spectacular. Obviously my Shelby is a lot lighter than my F250, but with 49cuin more in a 6.2 vs. the supercharged 5.4........ should definitely run up the power a good bit. Or for another comparison, how about the new GT500 with a 5.8L supercharged.....putting out over 650hp. Ford should be able to convert a 6.2L engine so it can take a supercharger & put out over 700hp with big torque numbers too.

What a super duty truck that would make!! Of course a friend of mine is looking right now at a Whipple supercharged V10. Oh the fun.
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