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SnuffthePunkz is starting off with a positive reputation.
I actually don't know any other diesel owners locally let alone one who runs bio. Not a lot of love around where I live, took me almost 4 years to find a shop locally knew a damn thing about the idi, one shop spent an hour trying to plug it into a code reader when it was acting up and then tried to charge me for said hour when they did nothing to it at all. Basically learnt to do all my own work since then.
I'm better off storing it for Christmas then. I filtered it using the normal filter I use for filling my truck in bad weather/bush. It is a little thing that lets the fuel through but seperates the water and crap out. No idea what it is, it came with a funnel and works amazingly. The oil is looking nice and clean now.
Thanks for the info, will be getting into bio full time when I no longer live in an apartment and have some space to built a setup to do it.
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