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kirkharrod has a good reputation on FTE.kirkharrod has a good reputation on FTE.
Your oil will have water in it from the frozen turkey as well as micro food particles that have water also. These must be removed. You can let it sit for a while, time and gravity will separate the water. You can speed up this process by heating the oil and letting it settle. Jeans legs won't be enough to save your fuel filter from being clogged. Then a new $12 fuel filter doesn't help you recoup any money from the oil ya know?

The veggie oil also will settle into the bottom of your fuel filter when you turn the engine off. And the next time you start it, you will be starting it on cold veg oil. Not good.

12 L is probably not going to kill your injectors, but you'd probably be better off giving the oil to someone who has a 2 tank setup and getting them to show you their system, so you can learn. Then the 12L is not wasted.

Or you can use it to kill weeds, to feed pigs or to keep the dust down on a gravel driveway.
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