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Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the support. I looked into the Vegistroke and it is awesome!

I had hoped that I could add some V4 parts and slowly update my system but I have now realized that is not going to work. And I don't have the $5000+ right now to buy a whole new system.

I think the short term solution is a heat exchanger and fuel pump on the supply side of the filter. I'm just not sure if I want to add another pump or just move the additional pump that is on the engine side of the filters now. My feeling is that 3 fuel pumps is a bit excessive, but since my system has so many issues with it another fuel pump wouldn't hurt.

Looking at:
30 plate exchanger:
Flatplate heat exchanger Catalog Products Pacific Biofuel Supplies – Products Pacific Biofuel Supplies

and the
Raptor 150 Diesel/Vegetable oil fuel pump.
Frybrid Vegetable Oil Fuel Systems -- Catalog

Thoughts? How about the order? Hotfox - pump - exchanger - filter or hotfox-exchanger -pump- filter?
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