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Originally Posted by FORD-or-Die View Post
i would like to do this the proper way and install a kit would i still have to dewater it before it runs through the kit?? and im not going to strictly do veggie oil but ATF motor oil etc..
Don't mix veggie with any dino oil in your tank. You can mix it with clean diesel or a little gasoline but not with WMO or WATF. The veggie will cause the suspended micro particles in the used oil to precipitate out and create a kind of sludge that will clog filters and gum up your injectors. You can mix them before hand and drain off the sludge but don't do it in the fuel tank of your truck. Linus72 figured this out the hard way IIRC.

There are different ways of dewatering. Some guys like to mix the veggie with gas, diesel, or kerosene and let the water and particulate settle out. Some guys use heat and recirculate the oil in an open container. Some guys use heat and pass the oil through a centrifuge. A centrifuge is arguably the best way to clean waste oils but it does cost some money.


Veggie oil to me is a tricky oil to run in a Diesel. The long term effects and engine damage of improperly running veggie are well known. I don't have the resources right now to correctly run it, so I stick with the waste dino oil. Basically, if you get a clean supply, cut it, let it settle and filter it, you are done. Bio Diesel is even more complicated. I'm not Walter White, so I stay away from that as well.

Firstly, I suspect a lift pump issue on your truck. Secondly, if the IP is worn and the tolerances are no longer there, it will not be able to build up pop pressure to pop the injectors. The thicker fuel fills the gaps in the internals of the pump and allows it to get up to pop pressure. The pump I sent you has always worked fine for me, that is why I doubt it is the IP.

Injector codes mean little to me because they could have been rebuilt or they have all settled to a similar pop pressure. You need to pop test any injector before you know if it matches the others.
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