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You can convert a PSD to run on veggie just as easily as the older IDI trucks. You will have slightly better results running it without pre-heating because you have a PSD and by design, the fuel system is exposed to more heat before it reaches the injectors. Your fuel filter is on top of the engine where there is more heat and the fuel rail is close to the engine. I still highly suggest a 2 tank system with an inline heat exchanger. You also have an advantage because your injectors pop at a higher pressure and will atomize the fuel better for a more complete burn. You can also buy a tuner and change the injection timing to be a few degrees advanced to give the thicker fuel a little more burn time. Your disadvantage is your injectors are much more complicated and the tolerances are much lower than IDI tolerances. Your injectors also cost about 7x as much. You don't even want to know what a HPOP goes for.

If I run WVO, I cut it with about 10-15% gasoline, let it settle, filter and run it. I run more waste engine and transmission oil than WVO but I got a few small cubies from a guy I work with. The oil was very clean, so I felt good about running it. No problems so far. I put it in my car which had about 5 gallons of D2 already in the tank. It ran great. The exhaust smelled like burnt cooking oil if you leave it on a hot pan too long.


When you get settled, send me your old injectors and I will pop test them for you. I'm curious to see if they are bad, clogged or what.
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