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Pioneer AVIC-F90BT and XM Radio Tuner Installation in my 2012 F-250

I recently installed a Pioneer AVIC-F90BT navigation system in place of the stock radio in my 2012 F-250 Super Duty. I also installed the Pioneer XM Radio Tuner that's needed to have XM radio on the AVIC-F90BT. But what I wanted to do is use the existing Ford factory Sirius satellite radio antenna, and connect it up to the Pioneer XM radio tuner, however, where I mounted the tuner the factory antenna cable wouldn't reach. So here's how I addressed the issue and mounted the Pioneer XM radio tuner.

First of all I searched high and low for an extension cable to extend the factory antenna cable so it would reach the location I mounted the Pioneer XM tuner, and just plug into each end, Here's what I was able to find.

The cable is 3' long which is just right for the way I mounted my XM tuner and plugs right in on both ends perfectly. Here's where it connects to the factory cable.

As far as the XM tuner installation location, I installed it in the glove box of the center console. To do this, remove the cup holders as shown here.

Cut a small hole between where the cup holders were and the glove box as shown here.

Feed the wiring through, connect it up, then use some good 3M double sided tape to mount the XM tuner on the side of the glove box as shown here.

Then feed the wiring on the inside lip of where the cup holders mount (There is enough room to do this without impacting the cup holders when reinstalled) then tape in place as shown here.

Then reinstall the cup holder and that's it. The best thing about this install is being able to use the factory satellite radio antenna with the Pioneer tuner so you don't have to try to figure how and where to mount the Pioneer antenna. If you're wondering where I put the other antenna for the GPS, it's mounted on a structural steel piece just behind the stereo right under the dash. This antenna doesn't need to be mounted outside the vehicle, however needs to be mounted on a metal piece, with no metal between it and the outside of the vehicle (in this case there's only the plastic of the dash and the glass of the windshield. The antenna has full reception in this configuration, and there again there's no need to figure out how and where to mount it on the outside the vehicle.

Finally, here's a photo of the Pioneer navigation system installation.

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